Hey! I'm Troy

An attribution obsessed marketer, Porsche enthusiast, sometimes photographer, and unverified Salsa King of the South.

A short story about me,
thinking and craft.

I am Troy Hall. Energetic marketer who understands consumer behavior and has an obsession for understanding return on advertising spend. Proven history of building teams that focus on attribution models. Sometimes I take photos of cars. Unverified "Salsa King of the South".

What I Like!




My Experience

Senior Director, Advertising

Jan 2018-Present, Service King

  • Lead advertising team focused on attribution and return on advertising spend. After 24 months our team increased ROAS by 12x.
  • Developed national advertising and media purchasing strategies with a 46% less budget YoY while increasing our digital conversions by 12%.
  • Expanded our advertising attribution model.
  • Lead projects to optimize our website for more conversions while still increasing our organic traffic by 22% YoY.
  • Responsible for strategic direction in planning, developing, implementing and evaluating digital strategies across media, creative, and website experiences.

Director, Advertising

Jan 2016 - Jan 2018, Service King

  • Lead internal digital advertising team responsible for Community Management as well Local Listings.
  • Manage social media team.
  • Manage external agency.
  • Develop local and national consumer campaigns.
  • Formulate, direct and coordinate marketing activities to promote campaigns with an external ad agency, sales team and public relations team.
  • Develop national Digital and Advertising strategy.
  • Developed key attribution model by focusing on strong KPI's.